Here’s a list of items your child will need while enrolled in any of our residential programs (IRT, STTEP, and Moderate).

Please label all clothes and toys (if any) with your child’s name or initials.

Clothing and Related Items

  • One week’s worth of clothing appropriate for the season (7-10 outfits). Clothing should not be ripped or torn and should be appropriate for a school environment with a wide age range.
  • At LEAST 10 pairs of socks
  • At LEAST 10 underwear
  • 3 sets of pajamas appropriate for mixed company
  • Flip-flops or other type of sandal for the shower
  • At least 1 pair of tennis shoes (2 pairs preferred)
  • During the fall/winter, a light jacket, winter coat, winter hat, and gloves
  • During the summer, a swimsuit (one piece)
  • Suitcase or duffel bag (for packing or home visits)
  • 18 gallon plastic tub with lid (such as Rubbermaid, Sterilite, or similar)
  • For IRT/Moderate programs, 7-10 toys or other personal items (such as books, board games, etc.)


There is no need to provide toiletries (such as soap, shampoo, etc.). These will be provided by Brewer-Porch. If your child has specific needs or preferences, discuss them with the program coordinator; personal toiletry items may be permitted depending on the program/situation.

Other Required or Prohibited Items

Each program also has its own list of required and prohibited items. These lists may include electronic devices, and items that pose safety risks. After your child has been admitted, you will receive a letter from the program coordinator advising you of any more specific instructions for packing.