The Community Autism Intervention Program (CAIP) helps children with autism spectrum disorder gain independence and learn skills that will help them succeed in a mainstream classroom environment.

We serve preschool children in three dedicated classrooms with high staff-to-client ratios, and provide dedicated and trained behavioral aides for students in elementary schools across Tuscaloosa City and County.

The program emphasizes structure and repetition to assist children and families in managing the symptoms of autism, through the use of sensory activities, picture symbols, visual schedules, social stories, and behavior interventions.

Preschool Demonstration Program

The Preschool Demonstration Program places children with autism in the classroom with typical children,  providing opportunities for all children to develop language, leadership, social, emotional, and academic skills. A four-month transition program prepares the children to successfully enter kindergarten within the public school system. Learn more about the Preschool Demonstration Program and the application process, which typically begins in June.

Daily Scheduleteacher interacting with student in classroom

8-8:30 am: Bathroom/gym

8:30-9 am: Breakfast

9-9:30 am: Circle time (group speech TH)

9:30-10:45 am: Academic rotations (direct instruction, sensory, basketwork, computer, floor time)

10:45-11:30 am: Art/story/music/video

11:30 am-12 pm: Lunch

12-12:30 pm: Playground/gym

12:30-1:30 pm: Rest

1:30-until: Snack/home

More Informationcolorful four-wheeled scooters used in gym

Visit our Outpatient FAQs for answers to common questions about our outpatient programs.

Read a detailed description of the CAIP.

Read about your child’s rights while at Brewer-Porch

Apply to the Preschool Demonstration Program.

Contact the program coordinator, Maura Cain, via phone (205-348-9359) or email ( with any further questions.