The Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) program serves emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children within the state of Alabama. Children served in the intensive program generally have severe histories of abuse or neglect and have not responded to traditional outpatient services. The admission criteria for children to be considered for treatment in the IRT program are

  • legal residency of the state of Alabama
  • 6-18 years of age
  • permission of legal guardian for the child to be referred to/enrolled in the program
  • ability to function in a group setting and otherwise be able to benefit from treatment
  • not adequately benefited by outpatient or other community-based interventions that would enable the child to remain in a less-restrictive environment
  • DSM-IV diagnosis with the range of 290-316 or identification by a mental health professional as having serious emotional or behavioral problems requiring intensive residential treatment. The applicants may be delinquents or chronic runaways, display manipulative behaviors, have difficulty maintaining self-control, display poor self-esteem, and have difficulty accepting authority. Referrals may also be diagnosed as autistic or have autistic-like behaviors. Referrals may also exhibit significant disruptive behaviors, such as impulsive aggression and self-injurious behaviors.
  • a need for constant 24-hour adult supervision and intense treatment, which could include the use of psychotropic medications
  • if diagnosed with conduct disorder or has experienced significant involvement in the juvenile justice system, exhibits a significant accompanying mental illness or emotional disturbance contributing to the antisocial behavior

The IRT treatment team consists of experienced professionals from multiple disciplines including psychology, counseling, social work, psychiatry, nursing, and education. Treatment is individualized for every child in the program, with the primary focus being on positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors. Each child’s treatment plan is reviewed and revised every 30 days.

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