The Adolescent Adaptive Skills Training Program is an outpatient program that serves students ranging in age from 12 to 18 years. We contract with the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education to provide educational and mental health services to students all over the city of Tuscaloosa.

Our goal is to assist students in returning to their home schools, functioning in the least restrictive educational environment possible. A student’s return to their home school is based on several measures, cumulating with a decision by the treatment team and the respective special education department that the student has shown adequate improvement to function in their home school. Length of stay for students varies depending on the degree of progress they display.

An average day is scheduled much like the students’ home schools, with the school day lasting from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (View a typical daily schedule.) During the school day, students are provided an individualized education, based on their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), in a classroom environment with a teacher and two classroom aides. Our program has a capacity of 16 students, with a city and a county classroom each containing eight students. Along with their general academics, our students are also provided basic living skills training, as well as individual and group therapy.

Brewer-Porch Children’s Center contracts with Dr. Giggie, a child psychiatrist, to serve as a part of our treatment team. We operate from two documents that drive all of our services. First is the IEP, from which our education staff derives its direction, and second is our Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP). Parents and the students are expected to be significantly involved in the planning, education, and treatment that occur while in our program.

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