What kinds of clients are enrolled in your outpatient programs?bookshelf with many children's books

The outpatient programs serve children in grades K-12 whose emotional and behavioral needs have prevented them from functioning in their mainstream classrooms. Children in our autism program have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder and receive assistance from mental health workers in completing educational and daily living tasks.

How do I enroll my child in an outpatient program?

Students in the outpatient programs are referred by the Tuscaloosa City school system. Referrals are reviewed and approved by the treatment team. Students must meet the criteria for admission and eligibility for special education services.

What does my child need to bring?

No special supplies are needed.

Is there a dress code?

The outpatient programs follow the dress code mandated by the Tuscaloosa City Schools.

What about transportation?

Transportation is provided by the Tuscaloosa City school system.

Is there a cost for breakfast or lunch?

BPCC participates in the federal school lunch program. Students may qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches based on the review of an application and verification for eligibility. Children who do not qualify for a free lunch may pay for their lunch at a reduced cost or at the actual cost.

Will my child have access to technology?

Brewer-Porch Children’s Center utilizes current technology in the classroom for productivity and collaboration to meet Alabama’s standards.

Is the curriculum in line with the Common Core standards?

The students utilize the essential core academic curriculum that is used in their home school setting. The curriculum is aligned with the Alabama Common Core Standards.

Will my child have an opportunity to participate in field trips?

Students have an opportunity to participate in community experiences. Participation is based on student behavior and parental permission.

When will my child be able to transition back to his/her home school?

Children transition to their regular elementary schools when the treatment team, including the parent/guardian, determines that sufficient progress has been made on their referral behaviors. There is no set “limit” to the length of stay; instead, it is determined by the child’s response to treatment and individual needs.

Are the teachers certified?

Yes. Teachers are certified by the Alabama State Department of Education.

Will my child be able to receive credits for his/her secondary core academic subjects?

Each student in the outpatient programs has an individualized education plan. Certified teachers service students will provide academic instruction.

Students in grades K–8 will be promoted or retained based on curriculum mastery.

Students in grades 9–12 have access to a distance learning program that will enable them to receive core academic credits toward the graduation requirements.