Therapeutic Foster Care is a short-term placement option where children with severe emotional and behavioral problems who cannot safely remain with their birth families or in a less restrictive setting, or who continue to need intensive clinical services after completing a more restrictive treatment program, experience lives that are as normal as possible in a family-like setting while still receiving the clinical assistance they need to resolve their issues.

All of the children referred to therapeutic foster care must carry a DSM-IV Axis I diagnosis and must have a full scale IQ of 55 or above. The State of Alabama Department of Human Resources is the referral source for all of the children in the program. We accept referrals from across the state of Alabama. We currently have the capacity to serve 45 children in our program.

Therapeutic Foster Care parents are provided extensive training to prepare them for this role in the children’s lives. They receive a minimum of 40 hours of initial training before they even work with their first child. They receive ongoing continuing education to reinforce their training and provide new information on general behavior management techniques as well as insight into why our children behave the way they behave.

The children receive daily basic living skills training from their Therapeutic Foster Care parents, focusing on issues like personal hygiene, interpersonal skills, and behavior education. In addition, case specialists work directly with the children on dealing with their separation from their biological family and resolving behavioral issues that brought them to treatment. They also provide consultation and support to foster parents on techniques that they can use for their children’s specific problems.

Case specialists are limited to a maximum caseload of 10 children which enables the case specialist to provide the individual attention necessary for these placements to succeed. These services are provided in a home setting designed to give the children a loving and secure environment, which enables them to more easily work on and change the behaviors that have disrupted their lives or to deal with the family issues that disrupted their homes.

Brewer-Porch Children’s Center’s Therapeutic Foster Care program is licensed by the State of Alabama Department of Human Resources.

More Information

Look up contact information for the TFC program.

To make a referral for a therapeutic foster care placement, call the Therapeutic Foster Care program at (205) 348-0876.

If you are interested in learning about becoming a therapeutic foster care parent, please call (205) 348-0882 and ask for Kristy Lawson, child placement specialist.