To ensure that all BPCC programs are adequately staffed with appropriately trained employees and that the safety of clients and the standard of care are given the utmost consideration.


Employees must have written approval from the human resources department at BPCC prior to being absent from their regular shifts to attend school.

Employees must have enough annual leave time accrued prior to the beginning of the semester/quarter or earn enough leave during the semester/quarter to cover the requested absence(s) in its entirety. BPCC must be able to reasonably maintain the standards of care or instruction required by the program during the requested absence(s) so that the business and operational needs of the Center are not adversely affected.


Employees must submit their requests in writing to the human resources department at BPCC at least 30 days in advance of the semester/quarter. A request must include

  • the dates and times the employee is requesting to be absent
  • a written statement from the employee’s academic advisor indicating (1) that the class(es) is a requirement for the program in which they are enrolled (2) that there are no other alternative dates/times the employee may take the required class(es) and (3) if the class(es) must be taken in a particular sequence to progress through the program of study

If the schedule exception is granted, the employee must submit annual leave requests in advance through the electronic timekeeping system or the online monthly leave reporting system for the dates and times approved for the entire semester/quarter.