All Brewer-Porch staff members complete regular training throughout each year in addition to new-employee orientation. Following are links to information about training for current employees; the New Hire Checklist includes information about new-employee orientation and other training specific to recently hired staff.

For further information or to determine which training you must complete, talk to your supervisor or the Brewer-Porch Human Resources Department.

Brewer-Porch Training

BPCC Annual Training

All BPCC staff complete regularly scheduled training specific to their roles at Brewer-Porch. The Annual Training Schedule by Program lists required training by month in a mobile-friendly list; the information is also available as a printable PDF.

BPCC Training Calendar

Consult the two-month Outlook calendar, which is updated monthly.

BPCC Orientation

This BPCC-specific orientation will begin on your hire date, Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm. Be sure you sign in and out each day, because that’s how your work time will be documented until you are able to clock in and out using the electronic time clocks. Check the Outlook calendar for dates.


We will soon begin to use Skillport, a UA online training resource, to register for BPCC Annual Training and track Special Target Population Training. Register at

University of Alabama Training

UA-Mandated Compliance Training

All new employees must complete this online training within the first 30 days of employment. Annual compliance training is assigned to ALL employees again each April. Look for email at your myBama email address notifying you of this training and providing a link to the website ( This training should be done while on the clock at BPCC.

UA New Employee Orientation

New full-time and part-time benefits-eligible staff must attend the first two days of the UA New Employee Orientation within 30 days of their hire date. (This is not required for contingent on-call staff.) Register for UA Orientation at See the benefits website at for information regarding documentation requirements for your dependents.

UA Risk Management General Driver Safety Training

Every employee whose position has a driving requirement must take this course within the first 30 days of employment. Complete this online video training at