Your Rights

While at Brewer-Porch Children’s Center, you have the right:

To Know Your Rights

  • To be given a copy of this document
  • For you or your guardian to get a copy of your rights
  • To have your rights told to you in words you can understand
  • To talk to someone you trust if you think your rights are not being honored

To Be Respected

  • To be treated respectfully by staff members
  • To be looked after by people who care for you and will keep you safe
  • To be treated like other children not in treatment when possible
  • To be told the rules you must follow and, when possible, why they are necessary

To Be a Healthy Kid

  • To do things all kids can do, like going to school and places in the community
  • To have enough food to eat, water to drink, time to rest and play, and fresh air to play in
  • To get help when you are sick or hurt
  • To get any help you might need at school
  • To take part in treatment and activities even if you need extra help to do so

To Safety

  • To not be spanked, hit, bullied, or hurt by staff
  • To not be held or secluded unless your are not being safe to yourself or other people
  • To get medication only when it will help you do your best or help you to be safe

To Be Involved in Your Treatment

  • To have treatment planned specifically for you
  • To talk to the treatment team and help to make your treatment plan
  • To know who will help you and how they will do so
  • To ask questions and to make suggestions
  • To know what you need to do to leave treatment, and who will help you when you do leave

To Privacy

  • To have things about you or your treatment only shared with people who need to know
  • To only be searched or have your things searched when there is a good reason to do so
  • To have privacy in the bathroom
  • To have privacy to talk to your therapist

If You Live at Brewer-porch, You Have Some Other Rights:

  • To have a safe, clean place to sleep
  • To have a place to keep your things
  • To talk to your family or others who are approved by your legal guardian
  • To send and receive mail
  • If it is okay with your guardian, to have private space to visit or talk with your family or other visitors
  • Attend church or participate in other religious activities

How to Get Help

If you think your rights are not being honored or you are having a problem with your rights, you should talk about it with someone you trust:

  • Staff
  • Parent/Guardian
  • Therapist
  • Social Worker
  • Program Coordinator
  • BPCC Leadership

Here are some other people you can talk to as well:

  • BPCC Internal Advocate (Dane Cameron): (205) 348-9367
  • DMH Office of Advocacy Services: 1-800-367-0955 or (334) 242-3453
  • ADAP: 1-800-826-1675
  • DHR Protective Services: (205) 554-1100

You can also make suggestions in the suggestion boxes around BPCC, which we check regularly.