Intensive Residential Treatment

The Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) program serves up to 36 children and adolescents with significant behavioral health needs. These children have behavioral and emotional difficulties that require out-of-home care and a high level of supervision and assistance.

The mission of IRT is to provide a safe and supportive environment where children can learn skills that will assist them in developing more meaningful lives, and for them to be able to succeed in a less restrictive setting. This is accomplished by emphasizing four basic goals for success across all environments: Being Ready, Responsible, Respectful, and Safe. These core values are stressed in everything done in the program, and ultimately help children build on their own personal strengths in order to function more independently as responsible members of their families and communities.

Visit our FAQ for answers to common questions about our residential programs.

Use our intake appointment checklist to make sure you bring all required items, and follow our packing list as you prepare for your child’s stay at Brewer-Porch.

Contact the program coordinator, Corliss Banks, LPC, via phone (205) 348-4058 or email with any further questions.

Detailed Description

The Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) program serves emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children within the state of Alabama. Children served in the intensive program generally have severe histories of abuse or neglect and have not responded to traditional outpatient services. The admission criteria for children to be considered for treatment in the IRT program are:

The IRT treatment team consists of experienced professionals from multiple disciplines including psychology, counseling, social work, psychiatry, nursing, and education. Treatment is individualized for every child in the program, with the primary focus being on positive reinforcement to increase desired behaviors. Each child’s treatment plan is reviewed and revised every 30 days.